pharmacist-senior-mtm-2Prove the Value of Your Care. 

Care Plans Help You Document & Get Paid For Clinical Care Services.

You've been going above and beyond to take care of your patients for years. With the recent emphasis on value-based care initiatives, we think it's time you got paid for everything you do to help your patients — not just the medications you provide.

Care plans can help you do that.

In addition to creating revenue opportunities for your pharmacy, implementing care plans has also been proven to improve patient care outcomes and streamline pharmacy operations.

Oh, and one more thing: We'll give them to you at no additional charge.* 

Want to learn more? Just fill out the form and hit "Submit." We'll give you all the information you can handle on care plans and how they can benefit your pharmacy.


* Current FDS MYDATAMART and FDS ENGAGE customers can sign up for FDS eCare Plans at no additional charge. New customers can also receive complimentary eCare Plan service from FDS as long as they sign up for MYDATAMART or ENGAGE before the end of the year.