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Join us for a free, on-demand virtual event! Watch thought leaders from all corners of the pharmacy industry speak about the ever-changing and expanding role of the community pharmacist in health care. Get an inside look at FDS and learn more about the minds behind the technology as well as the mission that continues to drive it forward.

2020 has been an unprecedented and challenging year so far, and we’re not even halfway through it. But, even now (and maybe especially now), FDS can strengthen the health of your pharmacy — so you can do the same for your patients.

FDS is moving pharmacies forward in 2020, and we’re excited to show you how.


Session 1


Introduction to the New Era Pharmacy
Join FDS CEO Adam McMullin and CMO David Roth as they walk you through what exactly makes a pharmacy a New Era Pharmacy.
KEYNOTE SESSION: How to Influence Pharmacy Practice Change
(w/ Troy Trygstad)
Now is the time to transform the industry. Listen as Troy Trygstad, Executive Director of CPESN, details not only why pharmacy practice transformation is necessary, but how pharmacists can take action and influence that change.
The Impact of COVID-19: A Pharmacy Industry Update
In this segment, FDS Chief Clinical Officer Jason Ausili, Pharm.D. gives a brief update on the pharmacy industry in the wake of COVID-19. Learn what’s new, what’s coming down the road, and how you should prepare.



Session 2


Let’s Get You Paid: Staying Profitable in 2020
This year has not been without its challenges. Many of us have never seen anything like it. But you still have a business to run, and that means adapting to an ever-changing business environment. Join Lindsey Daniel as she walks you through how to stay profitable through even the most difficult times.
Medical Billing: Building a Clinical Practice for the New Era Pharmacy
The days of simply filling and billing are over. In order to be effective (not to mention profitable) as a pharmacy, you have to expand the services you offer to your patients. But the move toward offering more patient services and clinical care opens up a whole new world of billing and reimbursements. Join Jason Ausili, Pharm.D. and Tim Wickis to learn how to set up your medical billing practice for success.



Session 3


The Road Ahead: The Future of FDS Solutions and the New Era Pharmacy
Where is the pharmacy industry headed, and how will FDS solutions help with that progress? How is FDS evolving its technology to address both current and future concerns? In this session, join several members of FDS’s leadership team as they discuss the future of the New Era Pharmacy, PMS vendor relationships, and best practices for getting started with FDS software solutions.


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